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HTC Success in a Value-Based Health Care Environment: Findings from the Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative (CCSC)
Evaluation Form
The National Hemophilia Foundation and Impact Education, LLC are committed to excellence in education and your opinions are critical to us in this effort. To assist us in evaluating the effectiveness of this activity and make recommendations for future educational offerings, please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation.
Q1.1 What best describes your current position?
  Q1.1o. Please explain other.
Q1.2 How many years have you been in your area of responsibility?
Q1.3 Approximately how many hemophilia patients are in your practice setting or area of responsibility?
Q1.4 Rate how well the activity supported your achievement of the learning objectives.
  Describe employer challenges related to managing the rising drug spend related to bleeding disorders          
  Discuss opportunities for collaborating with payers for the management of bleeding disorders          
  Evaluate what impels payers to make network inclusion/exclusion decisions for high-cost conditions          
  Outline examples of value-driven HTC services that are able to meet future needs for the care of patients with bleeding disorders          
  Explain how participation in CCSC can foster HTC exposure and sustainability to promote network inclusion and favorable contract negotiations with payers and purchasers          
Q1.5 Rate how well the activity achieved the following.
  The educational material provided useful information for my position          
  The activity enhanced my current knowledge base          
  The activity provided appropriate and effective opportunities for active learning (e.g., case studies, discussion, Q&A, etc.)          
  Q1.7o. What are the barriers to CCSC initiatives at your organization?
Please provide your contact information (optional).
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